Too Little Time

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3 Responses

  1. Unfortunately as much as I like GW2 I have uninstalled it since their verification email simply doesn’t get through yahoo any more. Also, when I last asked I got the “it’s not our problem vibe” so as far as I’m concerned, their game is not my problem either.

  2. Jeromai says:

    Perhaps what you need is one of this!

    The amount of possibilities at level 80 can be more than a little overwhelming, and the guide above tries to break it down into smaller pieces to pick and choose from, depending on your preferences.

    I’d say, if you know you like socializing with people in other games, ‘get a guild’ or two or three is a very good starting point. The right guild will have players that can teach and offer guidance and suggestions on your other level 80 goals.

  3. stargrace says:

    @Jeromal – I’m not much of a social gamer at all 🙂 I play with a few RL friends in various games (WoW, Minecraft, etc) but for the most part prefer to do my own thing – especially since I play off hours from everyone else (I play EU hours because of work, but I’m always on NA servers).