What do you Do if your Class isn’t Fun Anymore?

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2 Responses

  1. Telwyn says:

    I feel the pain on this. I played balance druid for years as my main but the class rotation kept getting more and more straight-jacketed by the eclipse mechanic, I didn’t play that character at all in Mists. I played shaman as my main for that expansion instead. If I were to ever come back to the game I don’t know what I’d play as even shaman is a poor shadow of what it once was, maybe I’d main paladin instead. It is sad to leave characters on the shelf like that but sometimes it’s not you at fault but the game’s…

  2. Athie says:

    I’ve got to say, don’t turn to shamans for fun in WoD. The Shaman toolkit is a mess. Our healing throughput is fine, but it’s really boring. Just a few spells account for most of the HPS. It’s not as extreme as PW:S on a disc priest, but pretty close. Totems were reduced to near-irrelevance with the expansion. So basically what you do in raids is spend several GCDs prepping a big chain heal cast then filling with a bit of single target heals while chain is on cool down. Repeat until dragon dies.

    I’m not sure there’s a healing class that’s fun for me in this expansion, to be honest. They all feel half-baked right now.