Did you Escape the Steam Sale?

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1 Response

  1. Ranni says:

    I intended to skip this one and wait for the winter sale but I’ve already bought a couple of games to use as giveaways next year. And maybe something for myself. Oh, and a few Christmas presents. What’s funniest is that I was thinking of ending the giveaways I do, at least, on a monthly basis, because I can’t stay within the price range limit I put on myself for the giveaways. (spent 3X as much as I said I would when discussing the idea of giveaways with Mike, heh)

    Anyway, I hope to still have enough to do what I want once the winter sale hits. Should see better deals on some of the games I’m wanting I think. I envy your ability to not spend! I’m trying to stick to at least 75% off so that’s something!