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  1. Hirvox says:

    I’ve used several tech mods, but eventually I started to prefer Thermal Expansion, MineFactory Reloaded and Applied Energistics. My old favourites were BuildCraft, IndustrialCraft2 and LogisticsPipes. The former are a more expensive up front, but they’re more space-efficient and more reliable later on than the latter.

    If there’s an overriding philosophy behind my builds, it could be described as pre-emptive laziness; If there’s a chore that I don’t want to do, I might spend a bit more effort to automate it. The first high-tech thing that I usually build is a couple of machines to grind & smelt ores and some power generation & batteries to make ’em work. Once that’s up and running, I tend to build a storage system that automatically grabs those processed ores and other crap from the machines. But the key is autocrafting, which lets you focus more on the actual building. If you need something, you can just order it from the system instead of manually having to build every intermediate item. And if you’re missing some ingredients, it’ll let you know and resume crafting once you’ve gotten them. It’s especially useful in building those complex machines with lots of intermediate parts. Eventually I automate most basic ingredient acquisition too; Quarries, mob farms, automatic fields, the works.

    And at that point, the way you build changes completely. You can start planning large-scale construction projects and just order ingredients whenever you’re running low.