Getting Over a Fear of Pugs

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3 Responses

  1. Chris says:

    Gratz! I have had the same experience. It’s like the full moon: there’s no correlation between a full moon and crazy stuff happening, but when crazy stuff DOES happen during a full moon, we remember it because we’re constantly told that the full moon brings out the crazy.

    A few horrible anecdotes, or one bad experience, is sometimes enough to get us to swear off PUGs, but last time I was really into WoW, I PUGed dungeons a lot, and it was really enjoyable!

  2. Isey says:

    The last 4 years of my MMO gaming has been pugalicious. I play scattered hours and sadly, often guildless. PUGS have saved gaming for me. At least for a short while.

    Go in with the right attitude and enough knowledge and its actually pretty fun – especially because of the cooks and crazies you meet =)

  3. Murf says:

    I know how you feel though not with MMOs. I started those early enough in my life that I and my social anxieties grew up around them.

    Other games weren’t so lucky. I have to work up the encourage to start matchmaking in Halo, for example, or any other multiplayer game. I get better the more I play a single game, but it always floods back to me with newer ones.

    It’s really annoying!