Lets Not Think For a Bit

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2 Responses

  1. pkudude99 says:

    I’m actually 100% opposite of you. I *loved* Diablo 1 and its expansion. But then when I got and played D2, I got bored of it sometime during act 3 on my barbarian, so I tried other classes and got bored before even getting out of Act 1, so I stopped playing and never went back to it.

    I did a trial of D3 … a year ago now, maybe? And I was bored from the very 1st click. I think I played it a whole 10 minutes before logging out of it and saying to myself “Weird. Wonder why this game doesn’t do it for me anymore?” And even all this talk of the expansions and new loot tables and whatnot doesn’t make me go “I should try it again.” I’m simply done with the franchise. And I have no idea why. Such is life, no?

  2. The Claw says:

    I love Diablo 3 inordinately. I never played the first Diablo, but D2 kept me mercilessly addicted for a couple of years, and the instant I touched D3 I thought “this is literally an order of magnitude more fun than D2”.

    I haven’t spent as many hours on D3 as D2 simply because there is so much competition for my gaming attention these days, but certainly I played hundreds of hours in the months after released. Then, when we started getting expansion news, I got back into it this year and played a lot more – my goal was to get all five classes to 60 before 2.0. Didn’t quite make it, but finished the fifth one shortly afterwards.

    From spending all yesterday evening playing RoS, Act 5 seems like mad fun. Really sucks that I’m at work right now. šŸ™‚

    p.s. Witchdoctor tip for you – have you tried Firebomb with the Flash Fire rune as your primary attack? It may or may not be uber-efficient but it is for sure the most fun attack I’ve found thus far. Firebombs bouncing everywhere, every destructible on the screen getting cracked open by bouncing bombs, it’s awesome.