What Landmark Is – and Is Not

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3 Responses

  1. Joeydeenyc says:

    Really nice summary. I’m having a hard time explaining this to some of my hardcore guild wars 2 pvp tournament type friends haha! They’re like.. “so how’s the pvp?”

    I only got to play for an hour or two before servers came down, but I am blown away, and you said what I feel really nicely.

    I’ve actually always struggled with the crafting aspects of everquests (and similar titles) in the past. One thing I’m hoping to achieve with playing Landmark is to prepare to be a super crafter when EQNext does come.

    The creation side is a huge draw for me, I’ve even taken up learning how to do 3D modeling with Blender, a free tool and one whose files are accepted in the Everquest Player Studio.

    Anyway, soo much stuff to that is awesome, I feel like I’m just ranting. Wanted to say I like your write-up!

    See you in game (soon hopefully)
    The Academy

  2. Ranni says:

    When you say no combat in game do you mean combat with other players? Wondering if you can fight the giant robots that attack or if you just have to run away.

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