Factions and Busy Work #WoW

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3 Responses

  1. Rakuno says:

    Personally, I hate dailies. To me they always felt like lazy design that, as you said, only serve to keep people logging in daily and busy, often with a reward that is not all that worth the trouble.

    For instance, Everquest 2 became so badly on that regard that I got burnt out and had to take a break. Now the only dailies I am doing are the apprentice ones (since I still have some crafters I want to raise and those potions of progress are nice), the daily adornment (since the alternative is even more horrible), and the loyalty token ones (because it is pretty much stuff I would do playing normally anyway). Even those I am still thinking on the best ways to spend less time doing them and more time doing fun stuff!

  2. I don’t mind daily quests in the right dose. I can manage one, or sometimes two, sets of dailies every day. I managed to do The Tillers and The Anglers at the same time. They were close by and the quests for The Anglers were pretty fast. Likewise, Golden Lotus was pretty quick, so long as as skipped that one big “go find/kill a thing” quest. The Cloud Serpents were fast dailies, a crafting focused at times. And, of course, The Lorewalkers was just a treasure hunt you could do in a couple of hours with some help from the web.

    Right now I am working on the Shado-Pan as well. Those are tough enough that I am only doing those every day before going of to do other things.

    The thing for me is that all of the factions have some mounts when you reach exalted, which is exactly the right bait to get me to press on.

  3. And Nat Pagle has a heart of stone. I helped him out in Theremore way back when, but now he treats me like a stranger! hah!