Happy 7th Birthday MmoQuests

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4 Responses

  1. Drell says:

    You might not get a lot of comments, but you certainly do have your regular readers! This is actually the only blog I read regularly, ever since I quit playing MMOs a couple of years ago and then discovered it. Reading your posts is a great way for me to get my gaming fix without the actual distraction and timesink of playing for myself, and it’s nice to hear about updates to games I used to play, like Wurm Online. So thanks!


  2. First: the traditional Psychochild response to blog birthdays: lol n00b. 😉

    Anyway, the person who inspired my post about the community was amazed at how many comments I got after I posted. So, I think by many measures the MMO blogging community is still going relatively strong. Although, I think it’s mostly us die-hards remaining, rather than there being a good influx of new people on a regular basis as I think I’d love to see.

    Anyway, congrats. And, I seem to notice a link missing in that blogroll… 😉 (I’m probably just as guilty in reciprocal, as I probably should just give up on my blogroll as I never keep it updated anymore.)

  3. stargrace says:

    Yeah you’ve never linked my site. =) Yours has been added though.

  4. Well, obviously I read your site. That’s the important thing, right? 🙂