The Half Way Mark #GW2 #GuildWars2

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  1. Warsyde says:

    At level 40 there are two dungeons available to you — Ascalon Catacombs (level 30) and Caudecus’ Manor (level 40). I probably mis-spelled those, oh well.

    The easiest way to find groups is to go to the dungeon entrance. Since toning down the difficulty you can almost always find people looking to fill groups for dungeons, especially AC.

    I first did AC with my Guardian shortly after release, and it made me somewhat dubious of GW2 dungeons. It was painful, but doable. I then did Caudecus’ manor and after wiping a dozen times or so, we finally zerged our way through it. It was a miserable experience and I have yet to touch another dungeon with my Guardian (he’s now level 80).

    When my Mesmer was in the mid 30s I decided to give AC a try. It had been months since I did it with my Guardian, so maybe it would be better? Thankfully it was, the only trouble we had was when one player went afk for 15 minutes and the rest of us tried to tackle the Troll boss. It didn’t go well. Other than that, we essentially did great. The hood I got for finishing the dungeon looks great compared to the silly headdress my Mesmer had been wearing. Well worth transmuting. Now that my Mesmer is 41, I’m contemplating Caudecus’ Manor, but the trauma of my last visit is still pretty strong.