Singing, Snow, and.. Dog Pee. #TS3 #TheSims3

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4 Responses

  1. Looks like fun! Makes me want to get the game!

  2. Jaffa says:

    I think I’m doing The Sims 3 wrong. My default approach is to make a household consisting of a single guy and his pet and set out to explore the world, but TS3 really wants me to be playing a family rather than an individual character. There isn’t enough time in a sim-day for a single character to have a career and keep up with household maintenance and have any time left over to do any actual exploring. And there’s a lot of rather boring downtime when my sim goes off to his job.

    Are you playing the vanilla game or do you have mods installed? I don’t like how the vanilla game floods the world with supernatural sims, so that it become a rare event to meet a normal human, but fortunately there are NRaas Industries mods ( which give me finer control over demographics.

  3. stargrace says:

    In options you can just toggle all the supernatural sims off and just have “regular” sims.

    I have a maid to take care of the house chores, I don’t play with any mods at all. There are already cheats for the game for money (if I wanted to give my family any extra) and things like that, I haven’t had a need for anything more.

  4. Jaffa says:

    I know I can turn them off (now — didn’t use to be able to back when the vampires were first introduced), but I would prefer to have them enabled and have them be rare, so that I have a chance of meeting a werewolf but not everyone and their mother is some kind of supernatural creature.

    I like the NRaas mods. They have stuff which should have been in the core game (demographic controls, autosave), useful stuff like being able to slow down the passage of time (more time for socializing without having to skip work!), and a nice story progression mod which makes the world seem more alive.