Secure Your Deed #WurmOnline

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6 Responses

  1. stargrace says:

    A link to the G+ discussion about this post:

  2. bhagpuss says:

    Given the serious problems you reported having with both players and administrators last year I was surprised to see you start posting about it again. I know that as a direct result of reading your account then, and reinforced by this latest incident, I no longer have any interest in giving it any more of my time.

    Shame, because the new graphics do look nice.

  3. kaozz says:

    I think I might give it a try, you always make it sound like a lot of fun. Just things like this that have made me think twice about playing. But maybe I’ll give it a go, see for myself how it is. Lovely pic up top.

  4. Niall says:

    Not to be *too* judgemental about it, but just because the rules may permit you to take some action, does not necessarily mean that you should.

    Taking the stance that you are merely dishing out tough love that will help the player in the long run, and that is better learned from you than from another, more ruthless, player seems to these aged eyes to be just a wee bit too convenient and self-serving.

    My 2cp

  5. stargrace says:

    To take a quote from Chris from the G+ conversation:

    “Those who are not at all familiar with Wurm would certainly read about what Stephanie did and would probably be horrified. Mainstream MMOs have had very strict ownership mechanics, and people have “grown up” with tagging and looting rights. We think it’s fun and novel in GW2, for example, that we all get credit and rights for tagging a mob that someone else has tagged! It’s all handled for us in these games, and we understand that they’re there to ensure that people DON’T petition over rights to stuff.

    But Stephanie KNOWS the Wurmian Way. It’s different there. In that context, she did nothing wrong. When you look at the Wurm community and it’s mores, they’re MUCH different than those of other MMOs. It was apparently a culture shock for this other person, but was acceptable behavior in the context. “

  6. Oflarhety says:

    I think in order for this game to remotely succeed, the Game Moderators have to actually do something about the griefing that’s going on in the Freedom Cluster. A lot of people use the caveat “They’re volunteering!” etc as an excuse for their poor performance as moderators. I can volunteer for any number of non profit organizations and essentially be a representative, if I volunteer my time for one of these, and act indifferent/apathetic or don’t attempt to solve obvious issues, I’m making the organization look bad, and they won’t want me to come back.

    So, why is this a valid excuse for volunteer GMs in games? It’s not, and they really need to shape up.