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2 Responses

  1. pkudude99 says:

    Yup, lotta stuff coming out in time for the holidays. I’m sticking with TSW and Rift and calling it good. There’s just too much stuff out there anymore it seems which is great, but… means I don’t play a lot of the games due to not wanting to spread myself too thin. Opportunity costs 🙁

  2. Every time I read “City of Brass” I think of Forgotten Realms and the elemental plane of fire. I used to go there as a raid in TorilMUD, back in the day, with a lot of people including a character by the name of Aradune. Aradune is, of course, Brad McQuaid who was the driving force behind Vanguard, and who is back on the Vanguard team at SOE again.

    All of which is a pretty tight circle and makes me wonder if the City of Brass in VG will include Efreeti.