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  1. I’m holding judgement until the full transcripts are posted – or even until the thing comes out if it’s really going to be here in three weeks – but I am skeptical of what I’m hearing about the new systems in this year’s EQ2 expansion.

    Each of the new changes – spells you have to practice, adornments you have to level, crafted gear you have to make out of extra-rare rares from the harvesting tree and then modify using the other crafting tree – sounds time-intensive. Spending time to make interesting choices for your character would be one thing, but SOE’s track record does not suggest that any more than one of these various options will actually be optimal. If that’s the case, we might just be looking at more time to get our characters up to the intended baseline – and possibly another artificial barrier that will need to be lifted with an auto-granted AA token in a year or two.