Guilds, Legendary Weapons, and other Goodies #GW2 #GuildWars2

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  1. Scopique says:

    Don’t sweat it 😀 I’d say that, yeah, you seem a little more “hardcore” than the rest of us, but that’s not a negative. As you said, you had more time than most others to spend in the game, but I think there’s two things that really worked in your favor.

    1. You have goals. That’s not the same as min/maxing, which to me is the notion of just “being the best at everything, and bad at nothing”. Reaching a certain point in crafting. Getting a legendary. Those are goals that can be worked towards. I think the rest of CWBT is more near-sighted: we just want to get things done in the next week, with MAYBE a sense of what we want to do eventually.

    2. You’ve found a groove. Once you find a system that works well for you, you roll with it. Maybe that’s grinding, maybe that’s dropping things and hitting as many events as possible, or maybe it’s a willingness to spend money on crafting to suppliment harvesting, or forgoing spending that Karma (see #1). Once you get GOOD at doing something, it’s just “what you do”.

  2. Wow that is quite the list for a legendary weapon. Good to know to keep in mind as I level. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  3. Dusty says:

    For what it’s worth, I don’t consider the conversations elitist at all – in fact, just the opposite – I consider you the pioneer of the path we have to trod.. 😉

    I know for myself personally, once I get ‘cynth to level 80, I’m almost positive I will start over immediately with an alt. In fact, I think I’d like to have 3 characters at 80 before I decide which one I want to pursue the end-game content with. I’m reminded that in GW1, I had easily a half dozen characters at max level, and I completed a lot of content with several of them, before I finally settled on the one that I really maxed out with content and elite armors – as well as elite’s for her heroes.

    Agreed on all the little bugs starting to add up to a major annoyance. The rollback over the weekend was not pleasant. And busted skill points & broken dynamic events just serve to make you want to shake your monitor when you’re trying to make progress!

    And yeah.. heheh.. those requirements are definitely a long term goal! 🙂

  4. I cannot disagree with Scopique, but I’d add that you are very efficient in your gameplay. I have a friend like that too, and he gets 3 times the stuff done that I do, and he does it in half the time.

    You obviously play and enjoy your game time. You have fun, loads of fun. If you like that, don’t ever stop, but don’t feel bad or worry about it. I’m actually glad you’re around, because it means another person that has an inside angle on how parts of the game are working. Hehehe.

    I behave similar to a person with OCD, sometimes. I joke about it, but I actually do mimic it from time to time. Some nights, I’ll gather nodes for hours and nothing else, and just hardcore keep at it. Sometimes, doing any one activity for more than 5 minutes starts to irritate me.

    I have another secret. In the right light, I love min/maxing. RoM almost had the perfect combo of systems, but gate-locked the bejeebers out of everything and everywhere. GW2 is going to be SO fun exploring and building different armor sets and builds for different purposes: more vitality, super AoE duration/poisoner, etc…

    I have 3 legendary weapons I’d like to get: 2-H staff for my Elementalist and a scepter and pistol for my Mesmer.

    I guess I don’t care about the amount of Karma. I mean, from a certain angle, I never cared about insane amounts of collecting in any MMO. It was how those collectables worked that frustrated me.

    With GW2 being so non-gatey, yet having lots of options of what to do with that Karma, and a fairly and readily available supply, I see it as something I can do, similar to gathering from nodes.

  1. September 28, 2012

    […] — Guilds, Legendary Weapons, and other Goodies. “I’ve been alternating with my guardian between doing Orr zones and lower level zones. I find Orr very bug-ridden lately, and actually a number of the regular zones are developing bugs that are quite frustrating in nature too. I was in the human starter with my mesmer alt when I happened upon a skillpoint that was broken – but it was only broken in the overflow, not on my actual server (Sanctum of Rall) so I left the overflow and was able to complete it.” […]