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3 Responses

  1. I am also a big time Altoholic, but not as much in this game. I do have all my alts in waiting. I played an elementalist, and im glad i did cause the dual dagger version of them is just too much fun to play, especially if you like Avatar (not the movie but the cartoon) and all the bending in it heh. I also play the alts when i need low level mats, I know i down mentor and can level just fine there too but its kinda fun to get a different take on the lowbie zones while i fill the collectables for all my toons to use (best crafting feature out of everything in my opinion)

  2. Jazz says:

    I love those little notes you get. I tried to keep mine but it seems as if they expire after a while. 🙁 I should have taken pictures of them so I could have them because that kind of thing is very important to me. Oh wells. You live you learn your next character has it better lol.

    I’ve dabbled in a few alts but most are set up for birthday gifts. I’ll play them eventually but right now I’m focused on my necromancer. I’ve had vacation off and on for the past two weeks so I wanted to make sure I could get her as high as possible before I had to go back to work. I got her to 67 last night thanks to some crafting and 35% of the map complete. Woots.

    This next bit is spoilerish and I hope its ok that I post it here. If its not please feel free to delete this comment. I wish that we had a chapter of missions with Trahearne and our order mentor before Claw Island. If I remember right we only have 2 missions with him before Claw Island. I would have liked more and with our mentor coming along so I could really see the importance of the character. They mention he gets along with all the orders and I get a tid bit of information on him from my order but to me he was just some dude standing around when I first get to Claw Island. I feel no attachment to him like I did my mentor.

  3. Rakuno says:

    I’ve been making my way through the… Arathi Hinterlands, I think was the name of the zone. Anyway, a choice in the personal storyline of my engineer sent me there so I figured I might as well try to complete the map while in the area. 🙂

    Haven’t felt much a need to play the alts too besides the odd curiosity about their personal storylines and get the occasional craving for melee. But for the most part I have only been bringing out the alts if a friend of mine wants to do his personal storyline with one of the characters and I have a low level one who also needs to do it.

    It is kinda weird because playing alts always felt like a necessity in every game I played. But with Guild Wars 2 I am just as happy playing my engineer, seeing what happens next on his story and what new maps I end up in. 🙂