Counting Down to GW2 #GuildWars2

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5 Responses

  1. Scarybooster says:

    I’m playing Rift when I get time. My TSW time just lapsed. I’m waiting until after Gw2 to sub to it. Man I wish it didn’t have sub fee so I could pop in and not feel obligated.

  2. Karetyr says:

    For myself, I’m mostly playing Tribes: Ascend, with a dash of Dungeon Defenders.

    No MMOs at all until GW2 hits.

  3. Jonathan says:

    Well, the wife and I spent most of this year going all the way through GW1 — did all of the campaigns, Guild Wars beyond, finished up our hall of monuments, got all of that done about a month ago. We’ve left one thing untouched — we plan on taking our characters through the Tomb of the Forgotten Kings and marching to the Hall of Heroes in the mists, and logging them out there.

    But since finishing up GW, we’ve been doing something we never really did — EQ2. Just got going on that. Having a ton of fun with things like the housing system. Your heritage quest guides have been a huge help! Fun game — we’ll probably split time between it and GW2 for the next solid stretch of time.

  4. Vladislav says:

    Thank you for a neat post. And, as it is my first time here, I have to say that it is a pleasure to browse your blog. Keep it up!

    I am in real anticipation of Guild Wars 2 after a long period of World of Warcraft and RIFT. Right now, among other things, I am discovering everything connected with blogging, this is something which I never had enough passion to do before.

    And there is one more thing.

    @Jonathan, I now understand why many zones of EQ2 are more populated than before. 🙂 I started to play EQ2 a month ago, when I got bored with RIFT. And now I am amazed what great playing experience I missed. Fortunately enough, it appears not to late to come to EQ2 which is still alive and well. With all the features added in recent years, this game is really competitive.

  5. Gozad says:

    I thought about getting GW2, I liked GW1 well enough. And I thought about Warcraft’s MoP expansion too, it looks interesting. But then last weekend I played TSW during the free weekend and I liked it, so I ended up doing something rather unexpected.

    I’ve always liked Funcom, and Ragnar’s work in particular. Anarchy Online was the very first MMO I played, and one of the most memorable too. The Longest Journey is also one of my favourite adventure games. So I decided to take a chance and go all in. I bought TSW Grand Master pack, $250 includes the game and lifetime subscription plus some bonus items. So it looks like I will be exploring my way around there over the next year or two or three 🙂