Community Effort #WurmOnline

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2 Responses

  1. Saraski says:

    Well Star,

    I think that if everyone arranges a mass sermon, putting in a lot of effort over weeks planning it and doing it and then when it happens the servers fail, it annoys the people who have spent time arranging it and attending it, it’s not more of selfishness, its that the people who have put in effort put it in for nothing :/

  2. stargrace says:

    @Saraski – it wasn’t for nothing. 1. There’s no way we could have known servers were going to come down like that the day after. 2. Some people used up that SB just fine, and then were granted 5h more, it’s supposed to be a GOOD thing, not bad. 3. Not everyone could make it online for the casts, so this gave *everyone* SB, which is also good, not bad. The servers didn’t fail when it happened, it was the day after that gave more SB. The exact complaints I got was that they wanted 10 hours SB because they already got 5h the day before.