Ding! Level 50 Artificer #Vanguard #VGD

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2 Responses

  1. bhagpuss says:

    Grats! My Leatherworker is still becalmed at 46th as he has been for about four years and probably always will be.

    He also found leveling as a Disciple after 50th attritionally slow. Possibly the slowest leveling rate I have ever seen and I’m including the legendary Everquest level 59 in that. I imagine it goes faster in a group but on the special solo content they put in (in Tahatamini if I remember correctly – somewhere down that end of the map anyway) it was utterly unbearable. I stopped at about 50.15 and never tried to level again.

  2. Rizamp says:

    Congrats!! If you figure out where to level, please make a post about it. I have some crafters, but from a long time ago, so I’m lost when thinking about leveling one of them, so I’m mostly sticking low level toons atm.