Caught In A Web #WurmOnline

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3 Responses

  1. NoobRaider says:

    Wow OMG! I happen to be one of those arachnophobe’s and I gotta say that is horrible and if they animate too then *shiver*! I’m not sure how much it would put me off playing though. Atm my fight skill is still very low and I am only able to kill the young and adolescent ones but as I got higher and was able to kill them all they might not be so scary.

    Though, I think it would be a very simple matter to simply have a checkbox in the options for ‘use old spider models’. Many old games like Everquest have similar toggles for veteran players who prefer the old graphics if for no reason but nostalgia.

  2. Arkenor says:

    The spider threads on the forum have been pretty painful to read, with so many thoughtless reactions. People who don’t have real phobia will never understand them.

    Me, I’m phobic of blood, and it certainly does influence my choice of games and movies.

  3. Rakuno says:

    A little late on the reply but I guess I should chime in since I have a similar phobia… Mine is much more embarrassing though. It is a phobia of cockroaches. No, I am not kidding. I blame it on having them going up my foot and hand when I was a small child trying to go to the bathroom in the night. /sigh

    Anyway, that phobia can make playing games like Fallout 3 or Fallen Earth very, very tricky since it has some giant roaches mobs.

    Yet I remember fighting roaches in a old JRPG without problem. I think it was one of the earlier Breath of Fire games. Probably even Fallout Tactics too though I am not sure now if it had giant roaches enemies.

    So, I would say, yes, it is possible to have something as a too much realism that can trigger phobias.

    I don’t play Wurm Online but I feel for those who were affected by this change. I hope they can reach a middle term to make everyone happy. NoobRaider’s suggestion seems like a good way to solve it.