Yeah, I Still Play That “Other” Game Too #WorldofWarcraft #WurmOnline

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3 Responses

  1. I am the same way. Every so often (especially in the spring/summer console game lull) I end up spending 15 bucks and playing WoW for a month. It fills a void, and seems to still be the best choice of that type of MMO due to it having almost a decade worth of content to play. My only real beef with WoW is that asinine Tuesday maintenance. My weekend is Monday/Tuesday so I always lose half a day on my weekend to play. I stopped trying to explain to people why I am playing it, I just tell them cause I feel like it and if they cant accept that then I am not gonna worry about it.

  2. pkudude99 says:

    WoW never “clicked” for me, but I don’t care that others play it. It’s gotta be doing *something* right to keep so many entertained for so long, after all.

    That said, I always like it more when people say they play the games that I play and enjoy 😉

  3. Karetyr says:

    I’ve never understood why some people rage at others for playing games that “aren’t cool.” It’s as if they never left middle school.

    I still have my Annual Pass, and am content to drop in every so often. Whenever I need a fix of quick gaming, though, I usually go for Tribes: Ascend.