Adventures In Chaos #WurmOnline

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2 Responses

  1. Hordern says:

    I don’t know how you managed as you were agog at the time at seeing them, but you forgot to add some things to your list of animals:

    Wild cattle
    Venerable pheasant
    Scorpions. LOTS of scorpions… Damn scorpions…

  2. axeblade346 says:

    @ Hordern
    Venerable pheasant?? If you have some bodies feel free to PM Sincor|Axeblade (me) or Doombicuits (Town Mayor) via IRC as we need some for a game on we Play on Deli.

    @ Stargrace
    Boars are nice looking animals , Never tried to pen one but now I’ll start trying. It should make a nice addition to my Zoo on Deli. (/me goes and looks for an anaconda (VYN for the WIN) to pen up next to it)