The Grey Lines of Griefing With Proof #WurmOnline

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11 Responses

  1. Werit says:

    How does the Kill on Sight stuff work? Can you use that to prevent them from breaking in to your deeded land? Or is this all happening off of your deed?

  2. stargrace says:

    @Werit – you have to pay extra money for guards, 2s to hire and 1s extra per guard a month, so I don’t have guards. The guards also kill creatures that walk onto your deed which I don’t want them to do, another reason I have no guards. Technically, I shouldn’t have to have guards to prevent this stuff from happening, as it’s a PVE server. Also, yes a lot is happening off-deed.

  3. Shawn says:

    Sorry to hear about this ๐Ÿ™ It is a shame that these types of people can’t just stay on their own PvP server and play with others who signed up for that type of behavior, but I guess it’s how they get their excitement. Says a lot about their real lives, I’m sure.

    I hope you don’t quit Wurm over this, although I wouldn’t blame you. I’ve quit over very similar circumstances before, only to come back a few months later and everything was fine. Best of luck with everything!

  4. Arkenor says:

    Stargrace has only mentioned a small portion of what’s gone on. It’s quite a bit worse than all that, especially when you consider the initial GM responses to the break-ins.

    This has ruined Wurm for me. The complete inability for the Wurm team to prevent such a campaign of harassment is mind-boggling.

  5. Moxie says:

    Even if the clearcutting is within the rules, the continued PMs are personal harassment, IMO.

    You are welcome to move to Exodus if you like. We have a nice little community in our area and a pretty forest with room to deed. You’d be welcomed with open arms. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. bhagpuss says:

    Would you say the GMs “can’t” do anything about this or don’t want to? It seems that if a small MMO like Wurm is set up in such a way as to allow destruction of property it has to be expected that destruction of property will happen. It also seems to be a very odd design decision to create separate PvE and PvP shards but then put in a portal that allows characters to travel between the two. It’s not like there’s a huge corporation here with people remote from the game setting rules. Presumably these decisions are made by the people actually designing as well as running the game.

    At best it suggests that they’re indifferent to this kind of behavior. Given the choices they have made in setting up the way the game and rulesets work, it might be argued that they are broadly in favor of it. If they wanted a safe PvE environment in which threat and challenge was provided solely by the environment they could easily provide it but they’ve chosen not to do so.

    Also if they were really interested in providing a professional service shouldn’t they keep logs server-side? If the GMs are relying on players involved in a dispute to provide the logs that would be used in evidence, how can that possibly work?

    I hope it gets sorted out for you soon but I can’t see how you can trust the people behind the game in future even when it does.

  7. Arkenor says:

    We covered the earliest part of this fiasco in last weeks episode of The Three MMOsketeers

    We starting talking about Wurm at about 32:20. At that point, only the first break-in had happened, and the GM response was causing alarm. Largely the fact that we were being told things that we knew were not true.

  8. Devalyne says:

    I have noticed in the past that many of these kinds of griefers are PVP players who are worse at PVP than the good PVPers. (Convoluted to say, but you get the idea.) So these people instead go after PVEers. Sorry that the GMs didn’t back you. It’s very obvious what the griefers are doing. I just try to remember that most griefers are sad, lonely, dateless people IRL. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. shar says:

    Pretty sure these people know about you and your blog. Me thinks they came to your server solely to grief you. Your successes in game probably made them more inclined to do so. Shame really and i’m sorry for you and your groups experience. And like Devalyne above me said, these people are probably sad and pathetic in the real world so they act out in a fake world.

  10. Niall says:

    I am so sorry to hear about the greifing you and your neighbors in WURM. It is a sad fact that these bullies exist in every MMO, as they do in life. I wish I could play the game and help out, but alas, the game crashes on me before I can even get to the starting area.

    However, all is not lost. This can be seen as an opportunity as well as a harrassment.

    I am a very firm believer in the notion that it is the community sets the tone for the server. That it is the community that, through general concencus, determines what is considered acceptable behavior, and what is not (despite what the EULA or game mechanics allow)

    Let me illustrate with a little story from my MMO past:

    Long ago, and far away, when I used to be in Britannia, I played on Sonoma Shard (’97 seems like a long time ago now). As a new player, I was based out of Minoc, working the mines there (trying to become a Grand Master Blacksmith). Miners always were naked in those times to save every ounce of weight. (carrying the ore was heavy; and could, in fact, encumber you to the point of not being able to move at all.) We miners had nothing but our mining picks and shovels; no weapons, or armour or reagents for spells.

    There was a PK named ZUG ZUG in those days, who was the terror of the mines. Everyday he would show up and slaughter the hepless miners, trying to build up his vile reputation. We were easy prey, like shooting fish in a barrel! Shouts of “PK!”, “PK!” would echo from the halls, as miners scattered in all directions, or fell victim under his blows.

    One day though, we had had enough. We met together and planned. When ZUG ZUG made his appearance that day, he was greeted with shouts of, “ZUG ZUG in the mines!” “Let’s get him!”

    Dozens of naked miners wielding their mining picks swarmed him. We fell in swaths, but:
    we started to wear him down. Miners would die, run to a healer for a rez, and run back to rejoin the fight! (just like a raid in EQ2 against a boss MOB). Slowly, step by step, we pushed him back, until he finally turned and fled, with an angry crowd of pick-wielding miners in hot pursuit!

    Adventurers in the town watched, doubled over in laughter. Some offered to form a ‘posse commitatus’ to help guard the mines. ZUG ZUG’s reputation as a PK was seriuosly damaged, and he was never seen in the mines again.

    It was one of the most satisfying experiences I have ever had in any MMORPG, and it made an impression on me. I have been an advocate of community ever since. If players work together, as a community, they can shape the climate of their server, and they can render the ZUG ZUGs of their respective cyber worlds impotent.

    Best of luck, and do keep us updated both on how you choose to deal with the situation, and how it turns out.

  11. Marz says:

    It always leaves a bad taste in my mouth when players intentionally grief or try to hurt other gamers. I hope you get through this and still enjoy your experiences with Wurm.