What do YOU Want To Do? #WurmOnline

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4 Responses

  1. Hordern says:

    If you lead the rooster behind you, any hens you come across will automatically follow the rooster, so if you come across several, you’ll bring them all home! The trouble is, roosters, hens, etc all die very fast if not kept fed, so you’re quite unlikely to find the in the wild. I’ve seen about 3 or 4 in my 2.5 years of playing.

    Hens are also currently the only animal in game to have the new collada model and animations included if you’re using the unstable client and experimental packs. It’s awsome 😀 Worth finding someone selling them just for that to be honest 😉

  2. flosch says:

    The animals in your screenshot don’t seem to be cattle though. In fact, it looks like you’re breeding giant hyenas. 😉 What are they exactly?

  3. stargrace says:

    @Flosch – those, are champion dogs! I have two champion dogs (giant sized) and one slow dog (which is blue, and also giant sized), and a lurking dog (which is green, and tiny). I breed them. ^.^

  4. flosch says:

    Ah, that makes sense. So they’re not hyenas after all. That would’ve been scary, and looking at the scenery, not very species-appropriate either! Though… dogs that size would probably also be scary if they were feral…