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5 Responses

  1. “PLEASE consider cancelling your accounts. SPEAK with your wallets. That is the ONE sure way to get your opinion across in a way that will make the higher ups listen.”

    Hear Hear! If you continue to support companies that pull such draconian maneuvers periodically, you have nobody to blame but yourself the next time they try something like this again. Conversely, consider supporting companies like Trion’s Rift that goes the extra mile when it comes to making their playerbase happy.

  2. Lysari says:

    If I hadn’t already cancelled my account because I wasn’t actually playing anymore, this news would cause me to do so. Region locking is ridiculous.

  3. Akely says:

    My friends have been nagging me to get back into EQ2 and I pretty much promised them I would. But upon reading this i changed my mind. Even though I do already have the characters on a US server, and would be playing there. The reason is that I think that SOY (or possibly Sony) will NEVER learn. They will never figure out that doing what the customers really want is the best way to gain and keep customers. They will always have their own way if thinking, a way that few outsiders will ever understand.

    What is really alarming is the speed with which people who start working for SOE become soulless automatons that care nothing for the end user they previously where a member of. It is sickening, and I will keep my money.

  4. Calreth says:

    While I was really disappointed to hear that Tera would be implementing region locks, I’m even sadder to see this happen to EQ2. Virtual worlds are supposed to help us transcend geographical barriers, not reinforce it.

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