Lets Try an Experiment: Little Wurmian on the Prairie – Day One #WurmOnline

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5 Responses

  1. Wurm Online fiction: I LIKE IT!

  2. Reminds me of my old days in UO. just be boppin around cutting trees, making potions (that exploded), and other such nonsense. Plus its stories like this that get me all hyped up to play a game cause i want to have that kind of fun. keep it up cause im starting to like this Wurm game heh.

  3. Yetian says:

    Love the post. 🙂

    I had planned to write something similar myself but as usual I slack and now my character is a bit past the new stage.

  4. Hordern says:

    If you’ve not had a chance yet, read the Surviverman blog from an experienced player who started fresh with only his steel and flint (although he tried not to use it). Even dropped his starter tools and went for the crude tools to get going.

    Looking forward to seeing how this one develops 🙂

  5. Erwin says:

    Nice story. Your quest reminds me a lot of the adventures of survivor man. Reading his tales actually got me into playing wurm.

    Read about them here: http://surviverman-on-wurm.blogspot.com/p/introduction-to-my-adventure-please.html