Updates to Vanguard:SOH #VGD

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6 Responses

  1. Jaffa says:

    F2P Vanguard, there’s a thought. If it did go F2P I would probably look in on it now and again, though really what keeps me from playing a second MMO (in addition to EQ2) is lack of time rather than money.

  2. I made it as far as the early teens on a trial this summer, and I’m a bit puzzled because I thought there already were breadcrumb Riftways to level appropriate zones. I hope the “golden path” doesn’t mean that the rest of the game won’t start looking like the flavorless, generic isle of dawn. This game can’t compete with solo quest-based MMO’s on “golden path”, and I don’t think they should even be trying.

    Free to play would greatly improve the odds of my spending some more time on this game. The chance that I would pay $15 for the standalone sub are zero. I might consider paying for the Station upgrade depending on how that interacts with the free to play models in DCUO and EQ2, but that would put one game I’m not playing up against two that I actually am for my limited gaming time.

  3. pkudude99 says:

    If it goes F2P then I’m there. Otherwise, no.

  4. Professer says:

    Personally, I think the golden path idea goes against the game itself. Vanguard was never about rushing to endgame and raiding, part of the beauty of telon was how open ended the world progression is.

    I’m not too happy about lowering xp curves either. That’s basically shortening the amount of content to be had with a character. Yes, you can still do all the content once you outgrow it, but many won’t.

    Mind’s really all over the place now, but I just feel these simplifications completley go against the game. I’m the type of player who doesn’t play endgame really, but enjoys leveling different characters to see all the 1-50 content. I actually quit my main once it hit 50, I already did the raid-scene back in wow, ’04/’05.

    There. I think all my ideas I had are strewn across my post in no logical order. Its been one of those days *sigh*

  5. Sharon says:

    I’ll probably go back and check out the changes! While I’m not crazy about it all, I’m totally stoked that VG is getting some love!

    If by “golden path” they do the same thing they did in EQ2 with an NPC meeting you in different zones every 10-15 levels to point you to the next potential leveling area, then I’m all for it. Anything that helps people transition from the little Isle of Dawn to the overwhelming wide world of Telon is good for retention.