Bring On The Harvesting #WoW #MMORPG

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2 Responses

  1. Shawndra says:

    My relax and unwind in World of Warcraft is archaeology. Since there are still so many achievements to be had by doing it, if someone asks why, still have a good excuse. Oh, and glitch, too much fun!!!

  2. Jeremy S. says:

    This is exactly why I wrote an article about defining the word “grind”. I have spent upwards of 4-hours, straight, doing nothing but gathering resources. Was I grinding? Absolutely not. Grinding used to have a very specific, easy to determine definition that was clear and concise. Today it is a vague and nebulous and often simply used as a placeholder for “boring”, “repetition”, “work” or other similarly negative descriptors.

    I love crafting. I love collecting mats. It’s great relaxation. Sometimes I will sit and pretend I’m hunting and kill 100+ mobs in a row that don’t even give me any EXP. That’s not grinding. Well, maybe to today’s definition it is, but I’m stodgy and stubborn and it’s not my definition.