Initial Thoughts on 1.5 #RiftGame

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  1. pkudude99 says:

    The party/ceremony instance was fun, and the mobs in it worth a surprising amount of xp — I’ll admit to grinding on some of the insta-respawners for a couple of minutes.

    I also did the Greenscale chronicle. Kinda fun to solo a dragon 😉 And by the time I finished that up I was way past the time limit I’d set for myself. Hammerknell chronicle tonight, plus if I have the time may do the Greenscale one again — the gear rewards sucked, but I got some plaques and the xp was really nice, after all. That was really all I did. No open world adventuring or anything.

    From the stat changes I seem to have lost about 200 HP, but gained about 400 mana. Since mana’s only an issue when I’m healing, I didn’t care about that, but it was still a 10-12% bump in mana pool size, which is nice overall, I guess.