Getting my PvP On (and Other Fun) #RiftGame

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  1. pkudude99 says:

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying Rift. I also love how it feels at 50 vs leveling up — on my cleric, anyway. I’ve got my warrior to 42 now and it still feels like more of the same. Hopefully the last few points being added in to “finish” my current build will make a difference. As it is, I’m loving my cleric to death at 50 — doing T2 runs, expert rifts, and even just heading to Stillmoor and AE grinding through mobs in front of the citadel for the cloth drop (and the faction doesn’t hurt either). My current build does so much dps and still has decent self-heals, so I can pull as much as possible before it leashes and take it all out. Health only actually drops if I accidentally pull an elite mob with it, but that’s not a big deal — I still beat up the elites just fine too. I like this build a lot and am glad I swapped over to it.

    Now I’m working on being able to craft the nice new epic pieces for myself. I may just grab all the mats and let a guildie make it, though — I’m still short of the plaques I need to buy the recipes as of yet. But they’re coming. . . . slowly but surely they’re coming.