Bring On The Festivals #EQ2

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4 Responses

  1. Lysari says:

    Heh. I thought you were talking about the two upcoming player festivals that will be coming Soon ™. Festival of the Sands in Maj’Dul in August and Festival of Discord in Commonlands in (I think) October.

  2. Alauria says:

    Shinies catch my attention a lot! I leveled Morgose from 50 to 61 and got 11 AA with 37 collections, RAF and double xp weekend. It was awesome! I do also love crafting and housing of course.

  3. Scopique says:

    Now that I found out that individual panels can be constructed for house building, I’m going to work towards that!

  4. Ogrebear says:

    One thing i do miss about eq2 is my house and the library i had started (mine was only non player books).