Pondering Progression #EQ2

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2 Responses

  1. Ardwulf says:

    You’re still on AB (again,) right? It so happens that I’m playing EQ2 again, mostly in the mornings as my shift allows. Right now I’m trying an Illusionist (Dirrha) for the first time and it’s neat so far, if a bit tricksier than I’m used to.

  2. VGM-UK says:

    I started a Ratonga Inquisitor a few weeks back, I wanted a slow quest burning toon for a spot of extreme questing after reading Arkenor’s blog. I got to around 500 quests at level 14 but I want a Beastlord now god’damn it!

    I found the Inquisitor a lot of fun and very capable, especially for someone who mostly solo’s like me. At the moment his adventure career is on hold until we get the chance play with the new Beastlord class in November, but he is definitely not getting deleted. Currently I spend a couple of hours with him each week levelling as a Jeweller.