Reactivate? Sure, Why Not. #EveOnline #Tweetfleet

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2 Responses

  1. pkudude99 says:

    “. . . I was training this account to better outfit my Dominix which is a fantastic little ship . . . ”

    Little? šŸ˜

  2. ChickGeek says:

    Oh no, i shouldn’t had read that post… I was successfully resisting last few “reactivate your account” emails so far, haven’t even seen the planet interaction stuff (last time i quit before it) but it’s always really tempting to come back…

    I started playing Eve around 2005 for the first time, and last years i spent hopping back and being driven off by the total lack of decent people to play with. Last time i ended up in a corporation where CEO thought we’re kind of a bunch of his personal slave miners, and surprisingly everyone but me were pretty content to play along. There were people i knew (we played together before), and they had my cell number, and they thought it was pretty normal to call me on the phone and bitch on why i’m not mining that belt they texted me about a *whole hour* ago and if i’m not at home/work i should get back to my PC right this instant. Sheesh!
    That effectively kept me from Eve for another year now…

    Say, maybe you are aware of some corporation or a group of *normal* people, who arent megalomaniacs and such?