Lets Talk Cleric Builds #Rift

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  1. pkudude99 says:

    As I said in my comment to your “leaving Stonefield” post: Honestly, Scarlet Gorge was my least favorite zone when I was leveling up my cleric. My alts in Faeblight are all approaching level 30 and I’m dreading having to head in to Scarlet Gorge.

    Moonshade Highlands, Scarwood Reach, and Droughtlands are huge improvements. Since you’ve done Foul Cascade, I wouldn’t worry anymore about the Gorge (unless you want the cairn) and I’d just head to Scarwood. Level 32 is plenty high enough for that zone, and I thought I saw you say somewhere you’d hit it

    Glad to see you’re enjoying the “shamsenticar.” It’s supposed to be a highly survivable build and also good support heals for a group. Personally I went “inquisenticar” at about 32 myself, and enjoyed it so much I’ve not bothered trying the melee spec, though I keep planning to either buy the 4th role or simply respec to try the melee out. Or roll up a Guardian alt to experience their content as a melee toon. One of those options. Eventually. . . .