Let Me Tell You A Story #SimsMedieval

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  1. Scopique says:

    I usually played Sims games on the up and up…so this time, I chose all kinds of horrible traits. My monarch, Steve Kingsly or Kingdomville, is a licentious, which is turning out to be a LOT of work. I completed the tutorial, and started hitting on all of the females that entered the castle. So far, betrothed to one…and another one on the side XD.

    I’m very impressed with the questing system, and when it was first explained during the tutorial, I really REALLY wished they implemented something like it in other games. My first non-tutorial quest was to buy a genie in a lamp, which has so far turned out the way one might expect: not in my favor. But the way you can choose who to send on the quest, how to tackle it, and the ensuing results are just fantastic.

    The one part I’ve never been a fan of, though, is the status bars. I hate having to eat and sleep, especially when I’m being marked down for it when I’m out and about and far away from the remedy. I need to get some ingredients and add more stuff to the kitchen to get myself some bag lunches before heading out to adventure.

    And I built a Jacobean church (so I could get married). Funny thing is that the Jacobeans are apparently a “hellfire and damnation” sect, and the default priests had some pretty ugly traits. I decided to roll my own, so my local church is headed by Father Steve Jobs, Narcissistic Jacobean Priest of Evil XD

  2. Slurms says:

    I just sent my wife an email with pictures of sad-eyed cats begging for an advance on my allowance. Maybe I’ll be downloading this tonight.

  3. pasmith says:

    I caved this morning based on your enthusiasm for the game (and a $15 credit on my next game from Amazon). Now I just have to get work done for the day…

    How long is the long tutorial, roughly? Do I need to set aside an hour for it? Or more? Or (hopefully) less?

  4. Olphas says:

    Nicely written 🙂 I’m looking forward to more posts from you about this game. Maybe they actually make me buy my first Sims ever. Sounds pretty intriguing so far!

  5. Shawndra says:

    I started playing last night, too. Queen Calliope is doing quite well, and has brought in a Jacoban priestess to help culture her people.

    I’ve only ever watched a Sims game being played (we have some sort of Sims on a desert isle thingy on our Wii), so this is new to me. Kinda fun!

  6. xXJayeDuBXx says:

    Those screenshots are great. I enjoyed my time with Sims 3, but adding in a medieval setting to me is brilliant!

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