Rift is Fun.. But… #Rift #EQ

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2 Responses

  1. pasmith says:

    People give me a lot of grief for playing Guardian in Rift but that “very linear” feeling you’re feeling is exactly why. Silverwood is really pretty linear too, but it somehow doesn’t *feel* so linear. I’ll often have to open my map to see exactly where my wanderings have taken me. The fact that there’s Sanctum on one end of the zone, Argent Glade on the other, and portals in each, helps as well. Sometimes I base out of one place, sometimes out of the other.

    That doesn’t address your other issues, of course.

  2. Bhagpuss says:

    The linearity in Rift really comes from the psychology of the player, not the design of the game. If, as you say, you “like to finish everything off” before you move on, then it will indeed seem very linear. For someone to whom “finishing things off” is an entirely abstract concept, understood only by observing the seemingly inexplicable behavior of other people, there is no linearity whatsoever.

    Mrs Bhagpuss and I both tend to play all fresh MMOs in the same way. We run all over the map, grab quests wherever we see them, finish some, half-finish others and ignore yet others altogether. We are almost always at least half a zone further on than we “should” be for our level, doing yellow or orange con quests for rewards we can’t use (although Rift, refreshingly allows you to use any gear that you can actually complete the quest for). We frequently have to pause while one of us has to delete half-finished or not-yet-started quests from ourt journals in order to add more, many of which also will never get finished.

    There is no particular advantage that I can see in doing all the quests in order anyway. Very few seem to lead in to others. If you can get to somewhere they will give you quests. Very little that you get from quests is necessary, other than faction, perhaps. I can’t see any real reason to do them at all unless you find them enjoyable, which I must say I do.

    On the topic of it being easy to farm your crafting supplies as you level, that really hasn’t been our experience. Mining is taking about half of Mrs Bhagpuss’s playtime and she still can’t really get enough ore reliably. As an Outfitter, on the other hand, I have the problem that my crafting quickly outlevels my ability to kill the mobs that drop cloth or skin for leather of the required level. I spent several hours yesterday just trying to get enough silk and thick leather to do two daily work orders. I died repeatedly doing it, too, because it’s very hard for a level 33 mage to kill level 36 mobs which resist about 80% of everythign thrown at them.

    That said, I do agree that Rift is very much a “fighting” game at this stage. I don’t think that’s oversight or thoughtless design, though. Bashing things up is the core of MMO gameplay and a new entrant to a crowded marketplace really must focus on getting that right. All the rest can come along later as “added value”. It’s a solid, well-understood way to build a brand. The game’s going to be around a good long while and all the things we miss from other games will come in time.