Details on Destiny of Velious #EQ2 #EverQuest2

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6 Responses

  1. Pip says:

    While I do hate to be negative, and EQII was my first mmo love, I have do find this to be another lacklustre expansion. It’s the standard two overland zones and a handful of dungeons. I wish SOE would hire some folks to think outside of this box or listen to the people they already have who want something more.

    I know I’ll get it and try it out, but I still haven’t reached the level cap in Sentinel’s Fate so can’t see myself playing this one to death. A real shame.

  2. Bhagpuss says:

    Velious for EQ1 was the favorite expansion of both Mrs Bhagpuss and myself. We were enormously excited a copule of years ago when events in EQ2 led us (and everyone else) to believe that the 2010 expansion would be Velious. We were so annoyed and disappointed when it was announced that it would be Odus instead that we cancelled our Station Access subs for the first time ever and played other MMOs for six months.

    This time round, we’re not expecting anything much. We will both be playing Rift, which launches within days of the Velious expansion, and I very much doubt that we’ll even bother looking at Velious for a few months. Reading that feature set certainly does nothing to whet my interest.

  3. Sol says:

    Where’s our post updates? =( . It’s been since the 15th since you last posted. I’m at work, bored, and have no stargrace post to read…

  4. stargrace says:

    @Sol – sorry, I have been really sick this last week and have been unable to post, starting to (hopefully) feel more like my usual self, so expect some posts in the future. 🙂

  5. Sol says:

    No problem Stargrace. I was having a slow day at work and the boredom was just getting to me that day =). I’m so burned out on EQ2 myself right now that I’ve begun to copy my toons over from EQ2 to EQ2X. I paid $50 for 10,000 SC and somewhere got 650 points and will be able to move 3 toons over. I think the thing that has really done it in for me currently was reading an article that Velious was delayed because they had them working more on Marketplace items and EQ2X. So, my subscription ends in February and I’ll just copy my toons to EQ2X and play for free if I ever get the urge to return. SOE really shot themselves in the foot with many vets by doing this…

  1. January 16, 2011

    […] has the skinny on the features coming with Destiny of Velious. Yeah, it kinda bugs me that the epic scope Velious had in EverQuest is being vastly reduced for […]