The Climb to 90

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3 Responses

  1. Longasc says:

    Nice screenshot. Where in Norrath is that?

  2. stargrace says:

    Gnomeland security in Steamfont Mountains 😀

  3. Magson says:

    FWIW on tanking, my SK had “ok-ish to bad” gear for TSO (T1 armor and the level 77 mastercrafted jewelry). In leveling her to 90, I didn’t actually find much armor that was any better, but I was able to upgrade all of her jewelry cheaply at the faction vendors. I haven’t done many instances with her yet in order to get Marks to buy the nice tanking armor in Moonfield Hamlet nor found any really nice other pieces yet, but even so, I was able to tank the Cella instance with a single healer. Able, sure, but it was very hard on the healer, and even though several members of the group said they thought I did well, I felt like I’d stunk up the place.

    That said, I was on my coercer last night in Abandoned Labs. The tank had the nice tanking Mark armor, mythical (enervated), all armor was legendary SF instance gear, as was his jewelry, and everything was adorned to boot. He had just under 25K hitpoints when all buffed up, and we had 2 healers. Even with that, he could still fall apart like a wet paper bag if we weren’t careful, and nobody though he did badly, not even me, so….. perhaps it’s just a perception problem from when I am the tank vs when I’m following the tank around.