Choices in MMOs

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  1. Kameron says:

    I do that to when i play eq2, i would just by default log my main in and sit around doin nothing. just i guess waiting for a guildie to ask me to do something or to see a grp LFM. then after 2 hours of standing in Qeynos Harbor i would log off.

  2. Blue Kae says:

    I used to do that when I was a single MMO gamer, actually now that I think about it I was also a single character per MMO gamer. Now, though, I no longer login to a game out of habit or without an idea of doing something. I may login just to do some house-keeping, like LotRO to sort through my vault or make sure my house maintenance is paid up, or like EVE to add a few more skills to the queue (which I do often), but I no longer login to stand about and then logout again. Normally there is at least one game on my computer that fits my mood when I sit down to play, and if not then there’s always a couple of shows on the DVR or a stack up books to read.

  3. Wiqd says:

    This is one of the reasons I think there should be MORE choices in a MMO. No one has really made a living, breathing world yet and I wish someone would. In fact, a comment about this would be WAY too long, so I’m going to write a post about it 😛

  4. mythokia says:

    Ahh… the paradox of choice.

    Now, if there were one huge monopoly of an MMO, we would all be happy!

  5. Calthine says:

    My original glimmer was that you play so many MMOs it must be hard to choose sometimes. But I totally agree with this blog, I do the same thing, and it’s why I burn through a lot of casual games 🙂

  6. Kasul says:

    It’s funny how when you’re logged in time passes without really getting anything accomplished. I don’t usually feel like that’s time wasted, as I play most games windowed and if nothing is going on I’m checking mail or reading news.

    Choice isn’t a bad thing, but I think there will always be a game or two you fall back on when you tire of all others. That’s the way I am anyway.

  7. I think there’s 2 types of choices – what games/servers/characters you want to play and then what choices you can make with your character. I think the latter should be as varied and flexbile as possible although nothing can really help the former 🙂

  8. tuvogg says:

    I logged in to EQ2 last night with great hopes of getting loads done and ended up using the game as MSN for nearly 4 hours when an old friend who i havent seen for months logged in.

  9. Daria says:

    This is why I usually don’t have any or many alts. I like sticking to one character and one game plan so I don’t feel I’m all over the place. I’ve only recently started to play alts in WoW, since I have a max level healer that I can only progress so far with each day. I log in to do my heroic daily and then I switch to my alt. And even then I have to focus on one alt at a time. 🙂 As far as playing more than one game at a time, I simply can’t do it. I admire all you people who can though.

  10. Gothun says:

    I usually get like this if I have a lot of choices in games to play as well. Steam had some amazing holiday deals up until January 3rd, so I was buying games left and right. I got around 40 games for $120 and get all antsy just thinking about them. It gets pretty crazy because I can’t really get into any of them since I have so many to play. I normally play one for maybe an hour then get this weird urge to switch and play something else. But MMO wise, I’ve experienced enough to know what I like to do and when and with who and stuff like that. Most of the time I do like what was mentioned above and just log in and talk to people because sometimes interactions with other people is enough from a game to satisfy me for a while.

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