Changes in WAR

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2 Responses

  1. Openedge1 says:

    You are doing what I am doing (guess that is why I am commenting so much here as well). I needed to load up so many games since I left my game of choice.

    I have WAR loaded thanks to the “Unlimited” 10 level trial and I came away impressed actually.

    The visuals (especially the new update adding HDR and Post Processing) makes the world shiny. Combat is quite easy to get into.

    As to mapping commands, I always have an extra step as I play on a 360 controller, and must map certain features for the game. I usually rate a game well if it maps nicely to the controller.

    WAR was just such a game. Works nicely with targeting and skills and access to the Tome, etc.

    I will play more after my EQ2 time is up I think.


  2. Saylah says:

    I went back along with my son and nephew but we didn’t stay. What I liked before was still enjoyable – PQs, Scenarios and the classes. Unfortunately, what I didn’t like was more glaring having played Aion – combat can get sluggish and out of sync, bad mob-pathing/AI, lag in larger force RVR and targeting it still awkward where the key mapped to select a target sometimes doesn’t work without pounding it several time.

    I wanted to like WAR. I hope this promotion brings them more players. I’d like to see them maintain enough of a following to fix the game and continue delivering more content.