Little Big Planet Rambles

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7 Responses

  1. SnazzyD says:

    Hey fellow Ottawa LBPer.

    I’ve been a hardcore gamer for 30 years and there has never been anything like LittleBigPlanet. I am only part way through the story levels but I have found myself saying “whoah” every few minutes. The Wedding levels are great, and the music is so catchy. I have gathered so many items for level creation and it’s a breeze to put something simple together.

    I doubt I will ever be one of the elite level makers out there, which is fine by me. I’ll stick with my art galleries with framed pics of my kids, with trains and balloons thrown in for fun 🙂 And everytime I go online, there will be hundreds of new levels to explore – some of them masterpieces in their own right (if the beta was anything to go on)

    Anyway, enjoy.

  2. Odius says:

    You can die in LBP?? I guess the game just seemed too friendly…lol.

    How’s the game if you can’t play online? I decided to just buy a new PS3 and have my broken one fixed in order to have a back up but won’t be able to play LBP online for a few months yet. The game just seems too cool to resist.

  3. stargrace says:

    The game is *fantastic* even offline. I haven’t actually been able to play online yet, the servers have been having so many issues. I don’t have any idea when they’ll be fixed yet either.

    I’ve managed to completely unlock the first ’round’ of zones, that is getting them all to 100% completion. I’m still working on the second round, and just *barely* dipped my toes into the third. I don’t even know how many ‘zones’ there are, but the game is great with or without the online components.

  4. Tipa says:

    20 zones from what I hear.

    I’ve been doodling my plans for Befallen on a notepad while I’m at work.

    It’s going to be pretty evil, but I’ll have to unlock a lot more things before I can really get started on it for real.

    LBP is pretty amazing.

  5. stargrace says:

    *Excited about that Befallen zone!*

    A few notes of interest. If you play co-op (which I have been pretty much all the time, not online though) each player gets everything that’s unlocked as a team. If you go back to the zone individually, you’ll get what you unlocked by yourself, and your partner may need to re-do the zone or go along with you again to complete their own. It’s way easier to get the ‘ace’ for the zone (completing it with no deaths) by yourself, because the screen sort of moves around oddly if you’re with two people especially if one dips out ahead of the other one.

    Hanging onto your partners leg as they swing from items completely rocks, until they try to shake you off and you go plunging to your death! Slapping the sackpeople around is pretty fun too, once I learned how to control their hands.

  6. Tipa says:

    I do have two controllers, so I can kinda two-box where I HAVE to, like to collect those stickers you get from that level where you had to press two buttons at the same time and not die from ghosts.

  7. stargrace says:

    They get a little more complicated from what I’ve seen in the Meerkat stage, but that may just be because I’m really *not* good at games that have me jumping through the air and swinging off of things. A little Meerkat stripper pole area (at least, that’s what it looks like to me..) needs some fancy bounce tactics that I just don’t possess. LoL.