That ONE Special Zone

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2 Responses

  1. Malfi says:

    Desert of Flames. By far my favoritest expansion EVER! I loved the GodKing quest line. I’ve run five successful raids through there, including a double raid one night (two raid groups at the same time) and I HATE farming eyes. But I think it is the best quest line SOE has ever done. It tied together just about EVERY zone in the expansion and I think that is awesome. I wish they would do more content like that.

  2. Kyelesa says:

    Great article! Makes me wish I could find a lowbie group who would actually want to go Living Tombs or Silent City again!

    Though it’s visually bland and the loot leaves a lot to be desired in comparison with the stuff a few levels up, Runnyeye will always be special to me, just because it’s easy enough and fast enough to level from mid 30s through to the mid 40s, often doing 2 runs within 2 hours or less. Fantastic. The 2 seperate boss instances give a greater chance to ‘go out with a bang’ even if a group member is on lockout on one, the other is available. Newcomers to the zone are always impressed with it’s seemingly complex layout and new tank’s are challenged by some of the most difficult pulls for the tier in the game(Runnyeye Chef!). <3 Runnyeye always and forever.