How Things Change

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2 Responses

  1. Urtog says:

    Looking forward to hitting the 30 AA cap in about 4 hours with you. =)

  2. Gnewton says:

    Last night was great fun! I got a little worried when the melee types took off after I showed, up… but Tipa came through in style! Between her and Binxs pulling, we were a Dulak slaughtering machine. I feel sorry for the boats and rest of the zone tonight 🙂 Wait, no I don’t!

    Thank you again for the kind words Star! I’ve had a great time catching up to the crew and now I can worry about coming into my own as a chanter. I realize we didn’t really need me to mez the mobs last night, but I have to get in some practice! I’ve never played a chanter before now and I have to get used to targeting, debuffing, and slowing each and mob. With this crew though, I may just turn into buff bot 🙂 Ah well, at least I’ll look damn good doing it!

    Can’t wait for a fun filled night in Dulak!!! Cya tonight!