Living Legacy – Rant

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12 Responses

  1. tipa says:

    Celebrate your Hardcore Heritage?

    That’s silly. EQ was always a casual, social game until you started raiding. WoW and EQ2 are a lot more hardcore than EQ. And if it ever was hardcore, it sure isn’t now.

    I wish they had given us something — free character transfers would have made me happy — but whatever. A bunch of people will come through for awhile, and maybe we can let some of them know what we’re up to, and how what we’re doing is the number one most perfect way to get back into EQ and have a hell of a lot of fun with it at the same time.

    Farmed Dulak for armor last night and got just one piece of Fractured Defiant Chain armor (the boots), plus a piece of plate and some silk pants, as well as some uncommon, non-Defiant, melee shoulders, some caster shoulders, two Defiant weapons, and some minor magic stuff. Given this stuff is raid quality, one piece a night isn’t that bad.

  2. stargrace says:

    Yeah, I’m not exactly sure how they came up with that logo, but there ya have it.

  3. Mythokia says:

    I agree with you completely. It has always already bothered me that the new players has been able to buy a superset of the every expansion since the release of EoF for the same price that we had to pay for each individual expansion. And now they just pretty much get handed everything for free. Maybe I’m just a bitter and jealous person, or maybe it is partly due to the fact that in the last game I played, Lineage 2, expansions were released free, and it wasn’t low quality or anything, it was every bit on the same level as what you would expect if you paid for it.

    I feel horribly sorry for those that just bought the game a day or a week before their announcement.

    It almost seems like we have a loyalty tax to pay while the new subscribers get tax holidays. Whatever happened to the concept of frequent flier miles?

  4. tipa says:

    Well, that’s not fair. We paid for the fun we had until this point.

    I do hope those current subscribers who do not have all the expansions, get them for free as well. Anything otherwise would be GROSSLY unfair.

  5. Urtog says:

    1) Rake in as many new/old players as possible.

    2) Suddenly release new expansion 2 free months later.

    3) ???

    4) PROFIT!

  6. Mythokia says:

    An alternative could be that existing customers pay a lesser amount for an expansion, say $19.90 instead of $49.90, sort of like how the license for software upgrades work. But then again I suppose this would mean extra trouble for them in the physical retail channels since they would have to maintain two different SKUs.

  7. Kasul says:

    You know, I always thought of it the other way around… so many mobs are social in EQ and some zones are so packed that you really need a group to advance, or access to twink gear. It always felt like you could be much more casual in a game that had a well defined quest system and solo-designed encounters, with variable difficulty within /con ranges. Maybe it’s just me.

    EQ felt very quiet when I came back a while ago, but that may have been because I didn’t have access to new content. I think anything they can do to bring back casual players can only benefit the game, but it is a shame the incentives don’t translate to active accounts.

  8. Krozath says:

    It’s not just active accounts getting the shaft. I turned off all access close to 2 months ago, And went with EQ2 only. So when I heard about this promotion, Thought I’d give EQ1 a try. Seems I don’t qualify because my account has not been in-active long enough. or at least thats what customer service told me on the phone 🙁 Oh well

  9. Akely says:

    I felt something similar a while back. A friend who quit EQ2 years ago came back with Rise of Kunark. He got all the veteran awards I had veteran cases and all, even though he had his account active for under a year. Seems SOE counts the time from when you activated your account and not the number of active days.

    I know it is extremely petty of me and that it is wrong, but I begrudged him that.

    This whole thing is just business, after all. SOE already has me and they know I will not quit by giving someone else perks. Hey, maybe I should quit and resign? Nah, to lazy.

  10. Dalven says:

    As I recently returning player who started a week or two before this special deal I got to say I feel robbed. Not only did I play to restart my account but I also dropped the 30-40 bucks for the expansion. Sony got some splainin to do.


  11. Openedge1 says:

    I left. Hung up my EQ2 cape, and called it a day.

    I was truly disappointed to see this…

    I had paid 40 bucks for the RoK expansion, after paying 40 for EoF…and was not that pleased
    I had a guild that was leaving in droves for AoC and other games..
    I was waiting to see if AoC was my cup of tea…

    Then SOE does this…

    I enjoy AoC VERY much….

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