Nizara, VoES, and EQ1 Fun Too

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5 Responses

  1. Crookshankz says:

    Just a quick FYI at least with the EQ2Maps, Antonica seems to have been reset. The map was blacked out on all my toons. So, technically you may not have been that much of a slacker 8P

  2. Crookshankz says:

    Oh and GL on 80!!!

  3. Ryan C. says:

    Hello, someone told me about your blog since I am trying to find a new MMO to play. I was playing WoW off and on for years, but I have been away from the MMO scene for a couple months now. And I really don’t want to return to WoW :). But I just wanted to say I love your blog. Its so informational about EQ 2 and especially Vanguard. Your posts about Vanguard has made me want to play Vanguard right this second. I spent most of last night just reading your posts lol.

    Anyways, I am currently spending my last year in university studying biology and preparing to study medicine. Summer and Winter are the only free time I have, and since this summer is soon upon us, I am looking for a great MMO to delve into for a couple months. My 3 choices are Age of Conan, Vanguard and Eq 2. Most of the friend I made in WoW are in Age of Conan, so I will probably try that. Are you planning on trying that game? I am running out of time, but I will keep reading and post more on your blog.

    Again, great blog!

  4. stargrace says:

    Thank you Ryan. 🙂

    I have little to no interest in playing AoC, honestly. The game just simply doesn’t appeal to me, it doesn’t offer me anything that I can’t get from another game, and I’m not interested in paying for another subscription fee when I can get everything I want with the station access.

    I do plan on giving WAR a shot when it releases, but until then, I’ll just meander around my games of choice – EQ1/EQ2/VG.. 🙂

  5. Ryan C. says:

    Hello again. I just created a blog and was curious how to add yours to mine? I am new to the blogging scene so I am not too sure how this works lol. Thanks