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6 Responses

  1. Kendricke says:

    People weren’t farming the status items by the mountains – they were buying them by the boatload. I personally “bought” over 3 million status in lower tier items leading up to the Echoes of Faydwer launch. In addition, my guild opened our treasury up and hit the broker for months leading up to the new expansion (knowing full well that guild cloaks were attached to level 60) and bought up thousands of status items. We had entire characters created whose entire purpose was just to hold on to status items.

    We never needed to farm any of it. We outright avoided the relevant tier 7 status items because they were overpriced. Pound for pound, the lower tier status items were the ones we went for. So many lower level players would put them on the broker without realizing the true value of the items, which we happily bought up for well below the price we were willing to pay. We weren’t the only guild doing this, either…and in fact, we weren’t even close to the most successful guilds doing it. I know guilds who spent hundreds of platinum on status items, who’d collected tens of thousands of the items in advance. I know of players who spent the first several hours of a new expansion doing nothing but turning in status items….stack after stack after stack.

    When Kingdom of Sky went live, it took 12 hours for the first capped guild to show up. When Echoes of Faydwer went live, it took 8 hours. It took weeks for the first level 80 guilds to finally show up after the status item change was enacted.

  2. stargrace says:

    People can *still* buy them though. They just buy the higher level / more expensive ones. There’s no solving that. The lower level ones already barely move your guild status based on the sheer number you need. If there are 3 million level 25 status items out there, they’re going to cost more then the T7 ones status wise when you add it all up. Having them make it so you need level 75 items hasn’t solved purchasing them at all, so why is there a need for it. The status item change came before RoK went live. There’s still no need to punish those lowbies who want to contribute by telling them their status items are worthless to the guild. Make them no trade, and drop from green in that case, if they’re so concerned about people purchasing them.

    It also took weeks before anyone hit 80 because of the AMOUNT of status you need to reach it. It changed drastically. You need significantly less status to get from 1-70 then you do from 71-80. At level 29, 10,000 guild status doesn’t even get you 1% of a guild level.

    They also didn’t add any heritage quests in RoK, where as they did every other expansion. Means even less ways to get that guild status, as most people (aside from new alts) would have already completed them.

  3. Mayadhros says:

    THANK YOU. I always ask people when I join a game or guild “What class do you guys need?” and the answer always is “play what you enjoy”. Like you, I enjoy being useful. And if I am useful I will have fun and play more. I do not like being just another paladin, or cleric. TELL me if the guild has no shamans or needs a healer and buffer and I will be ectstatic to play it (even though I love playing paladins).

  4. Kendricke says:

    Another note. You mention that small guilds are at a severe disadvantage in levelling now that the status changes have gone into effect.

    The old post-patron system adjusted the amount of status members of a guild actually contributed based on a sliding scale of 6 to 24. Having a guild of two members would not actually be a positive boost for you since the divisor was still 1/6 (16.7%). At the other end of the scale, guilds which had 24 more members only contributed 4.3% of status per member. The system was changed prior to Echoes of Faydwer to allow a flat 10% contribution rate. Every member of every guild now contributes an amount equal to 10% of their personal status gain toward guild level. This means that whether your guild has 6 members or 600, every member now contributes at the same rate.

    The only guilds which saw a decrease in status gain at all were the guilds which had less than 10 members – and at most, it was simply a reduction from 16.7% to 10%. Consider that there’s no possible way to lose status anymore (originally, members who left a guild would drop a guild’s total status – potentially delevelling the guild) and there’s no need to track patrons anymore (originally, the system required you to be assigned as a guild “patron” to even be allowed to contribute status at all) and suddenly the system doesn’t seem all that unfair.

    Even those low level 20’s can go to the broker and buy the higher level status items. All they need is the ability to earn coin – and anyone with access to the broker can do that (I’ve run experiments on different servers to see how many platinum pieces I could make by the time I was level 10).

    I’ll grant you that the system does encourage guilds to grow to at least 10 members. However, is that really a bad thing?

  5. stargrace says:

    I think perhaps your idea of small, and mine, are different. My idea of small is 10-30. A large guild, would be 70-400 (which a lot of guilds here on Najena are). There’s a disadvantage as it sits now for a guild of 10, vs. a guild of 400. Not that there shouldn’t be, but I liked the old method. A guild of 6 people were level 50 at the same rate as a guild with 70. They each put in their own work and efforts.

    A level 10 (or 20 or whatever) character shouldn’t have to buy status items to contribute because their own status items that they earn themselves are too low for their guild to use.

  6. Lytalia says:

    I’m glad you brought up the status items. When I started playing again I joined a mid-level guild. I was somewhat disappointed when I found out that my status items did not effect the guild’s status. It was also basically impossible to have the status items ever count because the guild was leveling as I leveled. I did do quests to earn guild status but I did have a lot of personal status from the items. I wonder if it is possible for status items to scale like your experience does. Maybe the percentage of status that the guild receives depends on the level of the guild and the item. It would make it so an level 1 item wouldn’t give the same status as a level 70 item but at least it would give something.