EQ Nostalgia Group – Getting Ready

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  1. Tipa says:

    I want to see Velketor’s Lab one last time before I die 🙂 This is going to be great!

    When a guild banner is planted, anyone can port straight to it from the guild hall.

    A fellowship is like a mini guild for friends who might not be in the same guild. It can be up to nine people. A fellowship can plant a campfire, which gives you some buffages if you’re in the area, and members of the fellowship can teleport right to it. So, let’s say we were doing Velk’s. I could run up to the entrance past all those bears and ice wurms and frost giants, plant the campfire inside, and everyone else could port straight to it. We’d fight our way to the crystal spider area and set the campfire up again there while we pulled the zone to us. It’s really neat. Both were part of The Burning Sea expansion — which is where all those currency types come from as well. The radiant crystals are from Dragons of Norrath. But we’ll be focusing on LDoNs for our earned loot.

    Problem is, EQ is so, so huge that I suspect we’ll be outleveling vast amounts of content. We’re going to have to decide in advance what we’re doing so we have a chance to prepare for it. A lot of these places, like Befallen or Blackburrow, we may only get to do once. And even then, I’d rather do the quests in Serpent’s Spine since none of us have gone through that content before.

  2. Egat says:

    It takes three people from the fellowship to be in an area before you can drop a campfire. Twelve from a guild before you can drop a banner.

    The different currencies are from different expansions and are usually gained from doing certain missions, or you can purchase it from players. Typically even with enough currency, the NPC merchant will only sell certain items to you based on your faction rank with them (back to the grind Tipa loves so well).

    I’m all for attempting true nostalgia and levelling in the old world dungeons, however, doing the Serpent’s Spine route will provide us with gear for our characters that is acutally useful (ex. mana and health regen effects).

  3. Tipa says:

    I definitely want to spend a good amount of time in the new zones. But if I have a vote, we’ll be visiting some favorite Kunark dungeons I have missed on EQ2, like Dalnir, Droga and Kaesora. Especially Kaesora. I love that zone so much. And Velious — hanging out in the bank in Thurgadin… killing the giants that prowl around Kael’s central square… exploring the nooks and crannies of Siren’s Grotto… mmm…

  4. martin says:

    Must admit the last few posts have made me think of returning to eq..i do every now and again but cant really get the hang of it lol….

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