Crafting the Day Away

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4 Responses

  1. Tipa says:

    First thing Stargrace did in EQ2?

    Make another alt.


    Welcome back home 🙂

  2. Openedge1 says:


    Is it just me, or am I not an Alt-oholic…?
    I have 3 alts in EQ2…so would that count?
    I tried to make a 4th once…Played him to level 10 and now he sits…yet, I have one guildie who has made 12 in one month and none are above level 40…!

    Isn’t it funny that I start Vanguard because of everyone saying how much better it is than it use to be…then everyone leaves?
    I really did put on my anti-flaming troll posting deodorant…darnit!!

  3. stargrace says:

    Unfortunately, I am the opposite with the alt thing. These are my (current) characters in EQ2.. granted, my 2nd account is closed at the moment..

    80 Troubador – 64 weaponsmith – 350 (max) tinkerer
    80 Warden – 80 Woodworker – 350 (max) transmuter (closed)
    77 Coercer – 32 Carpenter
    74 Illusionist – 80 Provisioner
    73 Templar – 80 Jeweler
    57 Necromancer – 80 Sage
    54 Assassin – 60 Alchemist
    38 Brigand – 40 Armorer (closed)
    38 Monk – 38 Carpenter (closed)

    And there are probably 4-5 more that I just can’t remember…
    3 alts in EQ2 is not an alt-oholic. =p
    I admit, I may have a problem. =p

  4. Tipa says:

    I promise, I will be playing VG this weekend 🙂 Last weekend (all week, really) was just very busy.