Impressions on GU4

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5 Responses

  1. Borgio says:

    The GU for me is great, as you say I need to update my Infomap but I did notice that the Riftway at the keep place (im bad with place names) wouldnt let me use it…. hmm

    My helmet looks awful, but I dunno it was just fun to get in and bash things. Personal opinion? I like the dots over the heads, yes they could have been drawn better hell the whole font used for VG is bad and basic but it helps me a ton since I hardly ever check con before charging in.

    Ill be putting my Xbox down to playa bit more methinks!

  2. Tipa says:

    I like the unicorn hat, and you have EYELIDS!


    These changes definitely have me looking forward to the next time I can play.

  3. João Carlos says:

    “I play Vanguard for the challenge, if I can’t tell if a named is really a named or not, maybe I need to switch to Hello Kitty.”

    The official forums had a long and not friendly discussion about how the game is going easier each day. IMHO what make VG diferent is the challenge, but maybe the devs think diferently. And there are a lot of people saying that VG need be dumbed down, be an easier game, be like WoW, that what destroyed VG was the Vision ™ (IMHO it was the bad launch and lag and bugs), etc.

    I had a bad experience at SWG. I really fear a VG NDA.

    Well, that is what I think.

  4. Tipa says:

    They nerfed Vanguard before it was even released. I went to a “Fanguard” down in San Diego about a year before release, and they were already trying to redefine their target users from the hardcore EQ1 players they initially targeted to what they called “core” players. Not hardcore, not softcore, just… core. There they said that you would definitely be able to solo to max level. So right then, they moved from the hardcore market to the one shared by LotRO, WoW and EQ2. Now they are in this market, they have to offer similar functionality.

    I like being able to solo in VG while I get my bearings and try to find a community where I can fit. Hopefully I won’t be so noobish when I find it, and then, once I’ve found a place, I will be able to find groups and go explore things with friends, etc, instead of just running around by myself. That’s the EQ2 model, and one I like quite a lot.

    I don’t think nameds need to be all in upper case and pop all the time either, but I DO like the increased travel options. I guess a lot of VG players just like looking off into distant vistas, but nowadays when I log into any game, I typically have a goal, like to explore a dungeon, finish a quest, meet up with friends, etc. Time spent running around noting that all the stuff I can see in the distance is stuff I can get to, isn’t that important to me, because I know if I try to get to any of those places, it will take a significant amount of time, the map will be of little help, and I’ll likely die from hostile beasts. Best if I have reason to go ahead of time.

    Vanguard (like WoW, EQ2 and LotRO) is a game, not a lifestyle (though I wonder about some WoW players). People want to always feel like they are progressing. ANYTHING SOE/Sigil can do to help this along, is a good thing for the game, and ultimately for the players.

  5. Phil says:

    FIX THE FREAKING HITCHING!!!! I have a really high end system, and I STILL hitch in this game. I played in beta, original launch (should also be considered a beta), played for several months after that, just gave it another try, and STILL HITCHING LIKE HELL!!!!!!!!