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6 Responses

  1. Mayadhros says:

    Yay, im famous now! Seriously though, you got me to buy this game, if I end up not liking it you will be getting a bill from me.

    So far I am very happy with the game. It is a beautiful game, everything seems to be at least on par with other MMO’s. Some areas slightly better while some slightly worse. I also like the fact that you have to earn everything.

    Very happy to be playing the game and very happy to be in a great guild. All thanks to you!

  2. Anakh says:

    Stargrace, you shouldn’t be surprised at all that your blog makes people interested in Vanguard, I know it’s having that effect on me and I’ve barely tried the game before this! Your posts about your adventures have been interesting and I especially like the screenshots with each one. It seems like a lot of changes have been made to the game, for the better, since the buggy mess I encountered at release. Definitely seems worth a shot, if I have the time!

  3. Rao says:

    Gotta agree with Anakh. Between what you write and what Jaye writes when she’s playing Vanguard, I’ve been tempted to give Vanguard another go myself. I am one of the rare few who enjoyed Vanguard both in beta and at release. Sure, the bugs were frustrating, but I enjoyed the game overall. The only reason I left was that I didn’t know anyone else who was playing and the zones just felt empty to me. I would go days at a time without seeing another living soul.

    I will be playing it again eventually. I still have it installed. Just kind of waiting for a time when I’m a little burned out on EQ2. If there is one thing I learned about myself over time it is that I am unable to play 2 games at the same time. If I am logged in to one, I keep thinking of the other and end up flipping over. In the end, I wind up not making any progress in either game because I’m too busy bouncing back and forth.

  4. stargrace says:

    I loved Vanguard at release, bugs and all. I left due to lack of community, and this time around managed to wiggle my way into one so wonderful that the bugs (there are still some, of course) roll off my back, and I’m having a blast exploring Telon. The server (Seradon at least) is packed, there’s always people around, and I haven’t felt any area be “empty” in a long time now. Granted, there are only 4 servers total now, but it all helps.

  5. Anakh says:

    I enjoyed Vanguard at the start, but the bugs annoyed me. I think they have a lot of really interesting classes, and the whole three spheres idea is really neat. That said, I found crafting unnecessarily hard to learn because of vague terminology and missing NPCs – maybe that has changed. Right now I am really busy with EQ2 though, and exploring Kunark, so it may be a while, but Vanguard is definitely something I’m thinking of trying again.

  6. JDubb says:

    I will ditto everyone’s response. I have been reading your site for awhile Stargrace. At first it was just for info on Eq2 but it made me very curious about Vanguard. I came down with a bit of Eq2 mid lvl burn out this week and actually managed to snag a copy of Vanguard at the local gaming shop yesterday. This will be my first time since EQ1 where I am logging into a game that I am completely a noob to, know no one in game, and am still totally excited to play. Thanks.